Optimize U On The Internet

 Are you reaching your online potential?

Be found, clear and focused on the internet.

We work to optimize U on the internet with website, social media, video and photography.

More and more of the people you do business with are people who find you from google searches or social media shares.

If you are a small business, organization or individual who needs to reach more people and believes one solution is using the internet, we can help.  We can create a cohesive internet branding presence for you by putting together the website, video and social media pieces.

We optimize you on the internet.  We call our service Optunet.

What we do.

We make customized WordPress websites and video to tell your story and show your work on all devices.  We search engine optimize your website and video, share it on social media and update and maintain your web presence.  We also set-up and maintain facebook, twitter and Pinterest accounts for clients.

Who we are.

We are a group of creative people who work together to meet project requirements. The team does website design, copywriting, photography, videography, illustration, music composition, and graphic design.

Who we work with.

Our clients are small businesses, groups and individuals who want to make better use of the internet for branding, communication and sales. They do not need a complicated website, but they do need timely, clear and focused communication.

For more information or questions write to us from this form.